Dale support fundraiser for St Athan employee

Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2012




Just before Christmas 2011, our St Athan office received a call from Mark Desbois (Carpenter at  St Athan) advising that his son, Chris (a bricklayer at  St Athan) had been taken into intensive care over the weekend.

After numerous tests and an operation, it was found that Chris had a Brain tumour. He was operated on immediately. Unfortunately the tumour came back in early 2012. Once again he had the tumour removed, then started radiotherapy immediately to attempt to keep the tumours at bay.
After a few battles with infections and other side effects of the operations and treatments, the treatment appears to be working and Chris is now recovering.
Mark Desbois approached Leanne with one of the regular updates we had of Chris’ progress and it was suggested that we hold a fundraiser for Chris. After a meeting with Iwan Davies, Managing Director of Dale Maintenance, it was decided that we would do a raffle in conjunction with CarillionEnterprise, our clients in MoD St Athan.
After speaking to many people over the day or so to follow, it was evident that there was a great amount of support for Chris. Many people offered to donate prizes for the raffle straight away.
We were given the telephone number of Debbie Smith at RAF’s central registry at East Camp who kindly printed 1000 raffle tickets free of charge.
Once tickets were distributed between operatives and office staff at MoD St Athan, the money started coming in. Prizes were still being donated and we knew that the raffle was going to be a great success. 
Over all we raised £1000 for Chris, plus an extra £9 when doing the final adding up!
We would like to thank all the people who bought tickets to help raise these funds for Chris, but also a special thanks to all those who donated fantastic prizes. To name just a few; Mark Hyett of CarillionEnterprise, John and Glen of C&S Tec, Highway and Industrial Equipment, Howdens of Barry, Toby Carvery at Rhoose, University of Wales Air Squadron, plus staff of MoD, DIO, C-E and Dale Building  Maintenance Ltd.
Chris was awarded the money on Tuesday 8th May, along with his partner Toni, and to say they were overwhelmed is an understatement!
We would like to send Chris our best wishes for the future and hope he has a very speedy recovery.